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Pizza Delivery/Serving

Vollrath Serving Pizza

Perfect Serve, Perfect Delivery

Whether you’re serving your pizza at restaurant booths or tables or delivering it to someone’s front door, Vollrath makes it convenient, efficient and professional. Create your customized operations with our pizza restaurant products including pizza cutters and knives, shakers for grated cheese and crushed red peppers, serving utensils, pizza stands/risers and delivery bags. 

Vollrath delivering pizza

You use the best ingredients to craft your pizzas, so it’s important to use delivery bags that preserve all those delicious flavors. We provide fresh-from-the-oven goodness thanks to delivery bags with high-performance insulation and a condensation-reducing liner that keeps food at the right temperature. Take advantage of our delivery solutions to extend your delivery range and provide a restaurant-quality experience for customers both near and far.

Vollrath pizza serving

Keep your restaurant tables organized and proficient and your customers happy with pizza stands/risers and serving utensils, plus shakers and dredges for toppings, spices and ingredients. We offer a range of styles and sizes to best fit your restaurant.

Vollrath pizza cutting

Triangles, squares or rectangles—any way you slice it, Vollrath offers the best pizza cutters you’ll find. A necessity in the pizza business, our options include a variety of heavy-duty pizza cutters as well as rocker knives. All are designed for professional kitchens and built to last.