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Pizza Baking

Pizza pans

The Perfect Pan For Every Pizza

No matter what type of pizza is your specialty, Vollrath offers pans that make it even better. Our extensive line includes a variety of sizes in everything from deep dish to solid press-cut to wide-rim pans. Features like perforations help create crispier crusts, and durable materials means these pans will last through years of heavy use. Choose the pan finishes and coatings that best suit all your pizza-baking needs.

Pizza pan sizes

Our pizza pans are available in a comprehensive offering of sizes, from small deep-dish pans to 20-inch diameter pans, so you’ll find all the right pans you need for your pizza kitchen. Learn More About Pan Sizes

Pizza pan styles

For every pizza style there is, we offer a pan for it. From tapered and wide-rim to screens and perforated, if you bake it, we have a pan that fits.

Pizza pan baking

Designed to last, Vollrath 3000 series aluminum pans provide excellent thermal properties for an unparalleled baking experience. Finish options include Clear Coat anodized, HardCoat® anodized and Natural.