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Super Pan V® Features

Vollrath Super Pan V in different shapes and sizes
Vollrath Pro Staff -


  • 22 gauge 300 series stainless steel pans
  • Newly designed pour corners up to 300% stronger
  • Resists dents and dings in the toughest kitchen environments


  • Easy to pour corners and traditional body size make Super Pan V® pans compatible with all your Super Pan II® pans, covers, and accessories.


  • Smooth curves and bright finish for a show stopping look
  • Easy to clean functionality means Super Pan V® pans will present your food beautifully over a long time.


Save on Energy Costs

Save an annual average of $36* on energy costs PER FULL-SIZE PAN OPENING! Hourly kWh Usage shows that Super Pan® is 38% more efficient!


Steam Table Pan Hourly KWH Usage Total Annual Hrs. Total Annual KWH Price Per KWH Total Annual Cost
Super Pan® 0.20 2488 497.60 0.1225 $60.96
Competitor w/bent edges 0.32 2488 796.11 0.1225 $97.52


Average Annual Savings of $36.56!*
*Third Party Testing on Super Pan 3®. Total hours based on 8 hours a day / 311 days a year.
Average Commercial Retail Price of Electricity = $0.1153/kWh as of Sept. '11 per U.S. Dept. of energy website.

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