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Super Pan® V

Vollrath Pro Staff -

This Pan Line is a Super Investment

Those who have spent any length of time in the foodservice industry have seen their fair share of mangled, bent, unsightly pans that ruin the buffet line presentation—even if the food is stellar. And those worn pans not only detract from the appearance, they compromise food temperature and waste energy.

Like many things in life, a solid up-front investment pays off in the end. Take the Super Pan V product line, for example. These steam table pans offer sleek durability with design details that are subtle, but impactful. A couple of features that set them apart are their convenient easy-to-pour corners and a strong 22-gauge stainless steel that resists dents and dings even in the toughest kitchen environments.


Another benefit provided by these well-designed pans is energy-cost savings thanks to corners and edges that are engineered to fit flat on the steam table. Sealing in heat and steam not only keeps the food nice and hot, it also translates to lower HVAC and energy expenses and decreased burden on heating elements to save you money—up to $36 annually per pan.

And back to appearance, along with strength, durability and efficiency, Super Pan V pans simply look good. The smooth curves and bright finish present a beautiful buffet-line presentation. Of course, food service professionals will notice those details while guests will focus on the food, just as they should. These pans clean up easily, too, and keep their pleasing appearance through years of use.


Finally, your investment goes even further because the Super Pan V line is compatible with all Super Pan II pans, covers and accessories. There are matching solid and slotted covers and false bottoms as well. Offering extra peace of mind is the Jacob’s Pride® Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The bottom line: Super Pan V pans offer eye-appeal with a definitive return on investment. Smart, stunning and strong—you can’t go wrong.

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