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Pro-Spec™ Program Details

Vollrath Products

The Vollrath Pro-Spec™ Program is a means for operators and designers to outfit their serving systems with Vollrath Smallwares and Countertop Equipment, minimizing a many times forgotten expense at the completion of a project. This also protects the integrity of the project and ensures that smallwares are functionally designed to work properly with the equipment you specified.

Here is how the program works:  

  • You earn merchandise credit toward FREE Vollrath product at a rate of 15%* of the invoice value from your dealer. Example: a $22,000 invoice from the dealer for V-Class Custom, Signature Server® or Induction Buffet Table units will earn a $3,300 credit. The maximum credit that can be earned per order is $3,500 per location.
  • Select any Vollrath Smallwares and Countertop Equipment at list price up to the credit amount earned. Example: any items in the Vollrath catalog and price list can be ordered up to an aggregate list price total of $3,300 earned on a $22,000 order.
  • Forward a copy of the qualifying invoice to Vollrath and include the completed program form.
  • Vollrath will send you an order form, catalog, and price list.
  • Select the items you want and return or fax the form to Vollrath.
  • Vollrath ships the product to you prepaid.

* End user invoice price, Canada customers will be converted to USD.

To receive the merchandise credit, send an email to and include: 

  • Name of facility 
  • Attention 
  • Street address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Daytime phone
  • A copy of the invoice from your dealer showing the price you paid for each piece of V-Class Custom, Signature Server® or Induction Buffet Table equipment.

Once the application is approved, we will send you a catalog, price list and order form. Simply list your desired items and shipping information on the form and return to Vollrath. The product will be shipped to you prepaid.