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Meal Patterns

Create a well-balanced menu

The atomic weight of nitrogen. Asking Marissa to prom. The capital of Tanzania. College applications deadlines. The third act of Macbeth. Tonight’s game against the crosstown rival.

This Portland-area high school student already has a lot on his plate. The last thing on his mind is the latest USDA standards in portions and meal patterns.

Luckily, his cafeteria features equipment like the Hot/Cold Drop-Ins from Vollrath, so choosing a healthy, well-balanced meal doesn’t take much brainpower. Vollrath’s knowledge and product lineup make it easy for kids to choose fresh, healthy foods. Plus, promoting and providing nutritional options helps schools qualify for additional funding.

Vollrath Product Solutions

Hot/Cold Drop-Ins

Serve something exciting every day of the week with our line of hot/cold drop-ins. With the hassle-free, versatile design, these drop-ins make it easy to change up your menu as often as you’d like.

Forced Air Cold Drop-Ins

Designed to perfectly maintain food quality, taste and freshness, our forced air drop-ins ensure that your cold food items are just as crisp and fresh for the first lunch period as they are for the last.

Induction Soup Rethermalizers

Soup has never been more enticing. Our streamlined induction soup rethermalizers maintain perfect serving temperatures, maximize efficiency and simplify serving, so your students and your budget will thank you.

Manual Food Processors

Everyone knows that time is money, especially when you’re on a tight schedule and dealing with hungry students. Thankfully, our manual food processors are designed to slice through your prep time and help you ace the first step of any great dish.

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