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Grab and Go Foodservice Carts

Easy access to your favorite meals

Serving staff and students has never been easier, thanks to the Grab & Go foodservice carts from Vollrath. Designed to provide on-the-go solutions and effectively increase meal participation, these unique serving systems offer quick and easy access to breakfast, lunch or snack items. The sleek design and reliable construction are sure to meet your needs, while the customizable appearance promises that these carts will fit perfectly in your school’s hallways or cafeteria.

Benefits of the Vollrath Grab and Go Foodservice Cart

Storage for additional supplies
The reliable storage area allows you to keep extra supplies close by and within reach.

Magnetic base for additional marketing materials/signage
Easily display additional marketing materials or signage with the versatile magnetic base.

Made in the USA
Proudly made in the USA.

Looking for more information on the Grab and Go Foodservice Cart?

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Unique features of the Grab and Go Foodservice Cart

Grab N Go K-12 Cart

Open base design for storing delivery bags or EPP carriers

The open base design offers easy access and secure storage for delivery bags, EPP carriers, personal items and more.

Grab N Go K-12 Cart

Stainless steel base and countertop (46" or 60" units)

An industry favorite, the stainless steel construction promises impressive durability and a clean, sleek appearance.

Grab N Go K-12 Cart


With no cords or plugs to worry about, you can take your convenient, non-electrical serving system anywhere.

Grab N Go K-12 Cart

Single- or double-rail utilizes half-size Super Pan® products

Enhance food presentation with our line of half-size Super Pan® products designed with reinforced corners for durability.

Grab N Go K-12 Cart

Single- or double-rail for ambient products

Maximize vertical space while providing quick access to a variety of items with a unique single or double rail system.

Grab N Go K-12 Cart

Push handle

Offering a reliable grip, the push handle allows you to transport your serving system as far or as frequently as needed.

Grab N Go K-12 Cart

4 swivel/lockable casters

Sturdy swivel casters ensure smooth transportation and swift maneuverability, while the convenient locking feature keeps the cart steady during serving.

Alternative add-on options (electrical my be required):

Heated wells
Heated wells perfectly maintain serving temperatures, so you know all your hot food items will taste just as delicious as intended.

Cold wells
Once you add a cold well to your serving system, it’s easy to keep your cold food items crisp and fresh all day long.

Hot/cold combination
Looking for something that really can do it all? With a hot/cold combination well, you’ll have a versatile serving system that’s ready for anything.


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