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Episode 61

Staying True to Your Brand

Alex Adler is Taquero and Co-founder of Puesto in Southern California and was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2019. He joins the show to discuss the growth of his family’s restaurants over the years and offers things to consider when expanding the presence of a restaurant. The conversation ranges from working with family to the importance of quality ingredients and scaling menus for different applications.


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Episode Notes

0:44 – We want to hear from you! 

1:11 – Alex Adler is our guest today

1:54 – Working with family 

5:57 – Finer points of frozen custard 

11:48 – Soft Serve machine troubles 

14:32 – Growing a restaurant 

16:20 – Alex Adler joins the show 

17:03 – The origin of Puesto 

19:57 – The importance of tortillas 

22:27 – Scaling menus 

24:28 – Alex’s roles 

27:46 – Balancing life and work 

29:07 – Deciding to expand 

32:12 – Alex’s favorite establishment 

33:30 – Future growth 

35:23 – A true family feel 

36:30 – Sourcing ingredients 

40:16 – Advice for those starting out 

42:20 – Alex’s inspirational quote 

43:51 – Nate’s Notes 

45:54 – Outro


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