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Tote ‘N Store® Chafer Boxes

Chafer Accessories

Tote ‘N Store® Chafer Boxes

Offer your chafers superior, reliable protection during transportation with the Vollrath® Tote ‘N Store chafer boxes. Made of heavy-duty, impact-resistant plastic, these durable boxes keep your chafers secure, prevent scratches or dents and maintain the elegant appearance. Thoughtful design features, including integral handles and permanently affixed hinges, make these boxes easy to use and outstandingly convenient.

  • Heavy-duty impact-resistant plastic construction is durable and long lasting
  • Integral handles provide a strong, comfortable grip
  • Interlocking lid ensures impressive protection and stability
  • Nestable and stackable
  • Permanently affixed hinged lids open and close easily

The Vollrath Tote ‘N Store® Chafer Boxes Family