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Cayenne® Heat Strips, Cord and Plug

Hot holding

Cayenne® Heat Strips, Cord and Plug

The Vollrath® Cayenne heat strips hold your hot food items at deliciously warm temperatures until they are ready to be served. The unique design and durable construction offer impressive strength and years of reliable service, while the range of available sizes means there is a perfect option for any kitchen. No matter what size you need, the bright heat reflector and powerful bulbs maximize energy efficiency and evenly disperse heat for exceptionally satisfying results.

  • Designed to maintain serving temperatures
  • Sheathed style element is durable, long lasting and ensures even heat distribution
  • Structurally engineered aluminum heater housing offers maximum strength with minimal weight
  • Bright anodized aluminum heat reflector generates even heat
  • Adjustable reflector assembly directs heat where it is needed most

The Vollrath Cayenne® Heat Strips, Cord and Plug Family