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Lettuce King® IV

Manual Food Processors

Lettuce King® IV

The Vollrath® Lettuce King IV cutter is ideal for any prep kitchen that is looking for an efficient lettuce-cutting solution. The sharp blades easily cut lettuce without bruising it, preventing  browning and allowing you to store it longer while still maintaining the fresh, crisp taste. The simple operation and sturdy design cut lettuce, juicy cantaloupe, crunchy cucumber, cooked chicken and more into beautifully consistent pieces with one smooth stroke of the handle.

  • Ideal for lettuce, cantaloupe, cucumbers, chicken and more
  • Strong handle cuts in one swift motion
  • Wide-angled legs maintain stability during use
  • Rubber feet prevent movement
  • Optional drum ring fits securely over 20- and 32-gallon Rubbermaid® Greenskeeper™ storage drums, sold separately

The Vollrath Lettuce King® IV Family