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Transport Dolly

Transport food wherever you need it with our flatbed transport dollies. Made in the USA and constructed of impact-resistant plastic, these dollies can easily move food wherever it is needed. Safely and efficiently transport EPP carriers, pizza dough boxes, delivery bags and more. With your choice of pneumatic wheels or casters, a handle or straps, these transport dollies and accessories will get your food where it needs to go.

Made of impact-resistant plastic, our dollies are built for the long haul (literally). They can easily transport up to 350 pounds of goods, whether it is cold bags full of milk classrooms or catering bags filled with delicious table fare for an off-premises gathering.

Transport Dolly with EPP Carriers

A recessed top surface helps secure loads and reduces shifting. The 1-1/2-inch heavyweight polypropylene webbed straps safely secure contents to the bed. No matter where you are going, you can transport your food with confidence.

Additional Delivery Products

Pizza Delivery Bags

Constructed with high-performance thermal insulation and a moisture absorbent liner to keep pizza hot and condensation-free.

Catering Bags

High-performance thermal insulation maintains food temperature and quality while on the go. Choose from two liner styles.

Tower Bags

Designed for medium-to-large orders, an optional wire frame insert offers easy organization and stability.

Backpack Bags

Made for maximum comfort and durability while biking or scootering, a moisture-resistant shell protects food from the elements.

EPP Carriers

Ideal for carrying full-size food pans, these recyclable carriers are constructed with a lightweight yet durable material.


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