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Catering Bags

When it comes to special events, you’ve got to deliver. Not just for the sake of your customers but because your reputation depends on it. Vollrath catering delivery bags do just that. Featuring high-performance thermal insulation, waterproof liners, and plenty of bells and whistles, our catering bags go the extra mile to maintain food quality and temperature and make delivery easier than ever. Choose from two styles—vinyl liner or removable liner—and take your catering business to a whole new level.

Catering bag with cups

Every ingredient matters because you know it makes a difference. And because you give your customers your best, at Vollrath, we give you ours. Our latest line of catering bags features the best in thermal insulation, product design, and innovative heating technology. From condensation reduction to safety and brand exposure, there’s nothing we haven’t thought of—see it for yourself.

Holding a catering bag

Your customers expect options. Why wouldn’t you? We offer a variety of catering bags sized medium-to-large, from our 3- and 5-Series, and featuring a vinyl or removable thermal liner. All make cleanup a breeze and keep food temps just right.

Closing a catering bag

You put lots of care into your creations—so do we! All of our catering bags offer super durability and easy delivery thanks to thoughtful features like a moisture-resistant outer shell, extra-reinforced stitching, solid floor panels, and heavy-duty carry straps and handles.

Catering bag power pack

Vinyl liners that insulate and direct heat. Condensation reducing technology. Reflective piping for safer nighttime delivery. PVC windows to highlight your brand. Twelve compartment dividers to keep liquids upright and steady. Supportive pan separators. Bulk pockets for condiments and extras. Exclusive portable battery packs and heat pads. The list goes on and on...and so will your delivery drivers!

Additional Delivery Products

Pizza Delivery Bags

Constructed with high-performance thermal insulation and a moisture absorbent liner to keep pizza hot and condensation-free.

Tower Bags

Designed for medium-to-large orders, an optional wire frame insert offers easy organization and stability.

Backpack Bags

Made for maximum comfort and durability while biking or scootering, a moisture-resistant shell protects food from the elements.

EPP Carriers

Ideal for carrying full-size food pans, these recyclable carriers are constructed with a lightweight yet durable material.

Transport Dolly

Hauling large loads of food and beverages can be a pain. But our line of flatbed transport dollies is here to fix that.


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