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EPP Carriers

Yes, even the environment needs food delivery to be at its best. So we designed a food carrier with best-in-class insulation that's one hundred percent recyclable and as ergonomic as it is lightweight and durable. Our EPP carriers are ideal for carrying full-size food pans up to 6" deep, plus they are dishwasher safe. What more could you ask for? With Vollrath, you can count on food delivery carriers that go the extra mile.

EPP carrier closeup

These days, environmental impact is no joke. Our EPP carriers are made out of eco-friendly high-performance expanded polypropylene foam material that is ideal for caterers who care about convenience, durability, and the earth.

EPP carrier

Catering a large event? No problem. Vollrath EPP food delivery carriers offer plenty of room to load full-, half-, and third-size food pans, beverages, and more. Plus, they maintain food and beverage temperatures for hours on end—because no one wants cold chicken.

EPP carrier closeup

Chefs aim to please, we aim to ease with minimal lightweight design and ergonomic handles that make our EPP carriers safe and comfortable to carry. Plus, they nest on top of one another for safe and secure transport and easy loading and unloading. Choose from our collapsible version for easy storage or top-loading for easy access.

Additional Delivery Products

Pizza Delivery Bags

Constructed with high-performance thermal insulation and a moisture absorbent liner to keep pizza hot and condensation-free.

Catering Bags

High-performance thermal insulation maintains food temperature and quality while on the go. Choose from two liner styles.

Tower Bags

Designed for medium-to-large orders, an optional wire frame insert offers easy organization and stability.

Backpack Bags

Made for maximum comfort and durability while biking or scootering, a moisture-resistant shell protects food from the elements.

Transport Dolly

Hauling large loads of food and beverages can be a pain. But our line of flatbed transport dollies is here to fix that.


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