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Tower Bags

It takes finesse to get a large food delivery order right. And when a chef works so diligently to bring it all together, they expect to get it into their customers’ hands the way it was intended—as if it were being served right there in the restaurant. Vollrath tower delivery bags get the job done. Designed for medium-to-large food orders, our tower bags are constructed with high-performance thermal insulation that maintains food temperature and quality, an optional wireframe insert, and a headrest strap and leveling wedge to keep the bag and its contents secure during transportation. It’s the food delivery bag that goes the extra mile.

Loading boxes into tower bag

Large food orders are tricky—especially when it comes to stacking and securing multiple items. Vollrath’s tower bags offer an optional removable wireframe insert for organization and stability. The shelves are adjustable and it collapses for easy storage. Check the competition, nothing stacks up.

Clipping a tower bag

Big delivery bags can be a hassle—but not ours. We’ve made the tower bag for transport convenience whether delivering food by bike, scooter, or vehicle. From adjustable backpack straps and reinforced plastic side handles to a car seat headrest strap and leveling wedge that keep the bag secure during transportation, the tower bag gets it there, easy as pie.

Tower bag on a scooter

A bunch of hot food stacked inside a bag? Sounds like a condensation nightmare. Except we thought of that, too. Every tower bag has a metal steam exhaust port to release moisture without releasing heat. Plus, our 5-Series models come equipped with a heat pad and 120VAC power cord to take hot food farther.

Additional Delivery Products

Pizza Delivery Bags

Constructed with high-performance thermal insulation and a moisture absorbent liner to keep pizza hot and condensation-free.

Catering Bags

High-performance thermal insulation maintains food temperature and quality while on the go. Choose from two liner styles.

Backpack Bags

Made for maximum comfort and durability while biking or scootering, a moisture-resistant shell protects food from the elements.

EPP Carriers

Ideal for carrying full-size food pans, these recyclable carriers are constructed with a lightweight yet durable material.

Transport Dolly

Hauling large loads of food and beverages can be a pain. But our line of flatbed transport dollies is here to fix that.


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