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Energy-Efficient Products

Energy-Efficient Equipment for Your Commercial Kitchen

Energy. Money. Time. Effort. Inefficiencies are a heavy burden that can weigh down nearly every aspect of your commercial kitchen, which is why energy-efficient equipment has a major impact on your effectiveness and your bottom line. Vollrath can help stack the savings in your favor with industry-leading, energy-efficient induction ranges, rethermalizers and buffet drop-ins, increased-capacity warewashing products, dent-resistant steam table pans, direct-contact heating systems that offer the lowest operating costs on the market and more. It's efficiency made easy. With Vollrath, you truly can harness it all.

Featured Products

Induction Ranges

Whether you need something compact and portable or powerful and versatile, our line of induction ranges offer valuable, reliable solutions for any kitchen.

Induction Drop-Ins

Streamline and simplify your serving area with our sleek induction drop-ins, which feature an unmatched level of energy efficiency, power and precision.

We've stretched the limits of energy efficiency and came up with some pretty creative solutions. With our energy-efficient equipment, you'll streamline all of the processes in your commercial kitchen, saving more energy, time, effort and money than ever.

Featured Articles

How and Why Induction Works

HOW INDUCTION WORKS The key concept of induction is in the fact that heat is generated by the pan itself. The induction unit achieves this by creating movement in the...

Mirage® Induction Rethermalizer

Chef Rich explains the features of Vollrath's Mirage® Induction Rethermalizer. Induction allows you to heat products without any water, while providing faster retherm...

Induction Range Comparison Guide

We offer a variety of induction ranges. Use this chart to easily see the differences between top temperatures, wattages, and even warranties of our induction ranges...

Induction Dry Well

Vollrath Proves the Well Running Dry is a Good Thing Vollrath Company decided to let off steam. Literally. The food equipment manufacturing company created a waterless...

Mirage® Buffet Induction Warmers

Perfect for banquets and catering, the Mirage® Buffet Induction Warmers allow you to maximize your menu offerings without maxing out your electrical capacity. Learn more...

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