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Built to Last

Durability You Can Depend On

Everything is going according to plan. The menu is set; the food is prepped; you're feeling on top of your game ... and then something breaks and leaves you scrambling. Preventing situations like this requires durable equipment you can depend on. We work with the best-quality stainless steel and aluminum to create products with industry-leading dependability. That includes steam table pans with corners that are 300 percent stronger than the leading competition; full lines of both stainless steel and aluminum cookware; and grinders, mixers, toasters and ranges that combine heavy-duty materials with rugged construction. Rated best in class for over 11 years, we can confidently promise years, and years, of use. And if all that isn't enough to ease your worries, maybe our lifetime warranty will do the trick. If it's Vollrath, it's built to last.

Featured Products

A successful operation starts with equipment that does what it's supposed to. If you're searching for high-quality equipment that promises better results and higher profits, look no further than our heavy-duty, built-to-last products that guarantee to get the job done.

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With all the stress that comes with running a busy kitchen, the last thing you need is equipment that lets you down. Luckily, Vollrath offers a complete collection of reliable products that promise a lifetime of service.


Why Jacob's Pride®?

Jacob's Pride products are so tough, that we stand behind the entire line with a lifetime warranty. These products are engineered and tested to deliver maximum performance...

Aluminum Basics

Aluminum is a silvery white and ductile metal that is soft and easily formed. It's the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust and the third most abundant element overall...

Stainless Steel Basics

Grades There are over 150 different grades of stainless steel, four of which have proven to be the best suited for foodservice equipment. But because the prices of raw...

The Real Cost of an Economy Pan

Anyone who has been in the foodservice business for long has seen them: buffet lines in which would-be enticing food preparations are framed within the mangled corners and...

Construction Materials Guide

Stainless Steel Stainless steel is a non-porous metal that heats and cools slower and more unevenly than aluminum. This material provides flavour neutrality. Also...

Coating and Finish Guide

CeramiGuard® II Ultimate nonstick coating for durability and release Premium nonstick coating provides the longest release life with outstanding wear and abrasion...

Super Pan® V

This Pan Line is a Super Investment Those who have spent any length of time in the foodservice industry have seen their fair share of mangled, bent, unsightly pans that...


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