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Vollrath Company History – Story of a Family and Brand

In 1874 Jacob J. Vollrath founded the Sheboygan Cast Steel Co. in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. At the time, it produced railroad frogs, small cast parts for the furniture industry, cooking ranges and agricultural implements. In 1900, the focus switched to cooking utensils, which was the beginning of the journey to becoming the industry powerhouse Vollrath is today with multiple divisions and facilities around the world.

Quick Facts

Women-Owned Family Business and Seventh-Generation Ownership: Emphasizing the company's long-standing commitment to diversity and leadership in the traditionally male-dominated manufacturing sector.

Established in 1874: Founded over a century ago in 1874, Vollrath has a rich history and has been a prominent foodservice player for generations.

Medium-Sized Global Manufacturer: The company is recognized as a medium-sized global manufacturer, striking a balance between a smaller company's agility and a larger corporation's reach and capabilities.

9 Manufacturing Facilities: Vollrath operates nine manufacturing facilities, demonstrating its substantial production capabilities and commitment to meeting diverse customer needs.

Over 1,300 Employees: The company employs over 1,300 people, showcasing its role as a significant employer and contributor to the economy.

Global Distribution: With a worldwide distribution network spanning North America, Europe, China, and Mexico, Vollrath caters to the needs of foodservice professionals worldwide.

Vollrath Company President and CEO

As Vollrath crosses the milestone of its 150th anniversary, I feel privileged to contribute to the next exciting chapter of its story. — Erik Lampe

Vollrath Company Leadership

View and download images of Vollrath's CEO and executive leadership team members. Additional information is available per request.

Erik Lampe – President & CEO
Daniel Domenech - General Manager Pujadas
Paul Egbert – VP of Product and Market Strategy
Brian Hedlund – Senior VP of Foodservice US and Canada
Jean Horvath – VP of Custom & Specialty Products
Chris Kelm – VP of Foodservice Sales
Tina Kreidler– VP of Finance & CFO
Jeff Madson – VP of Human Resources
Brad Nye – Senior VP of Operations
Peter Roever – VP of Product Engineering & Quality
Nancy Wagner – VP of Business Process & Intelligence
Christina Wegner – VP of Marketing

Industry Leadership and Education

Vollrath is focused on leading by example and taking an active role in moving the foodservice industry forward. To create more opportunity and equality for all, the company promotes education and innovation. Explore how in the links below.


The Vollrath Feed is a podcast hosted by Chef Rich, Vollrath’s corporate chef and product training manager. It focuses on the evolving nature of the foodservice industry, key industry trends, products, and how operators can differentiate themselves.


Vollrath University is a training facility at Vollrath’s headquarters in Sheboygan, Wis. that offers a variety of educational sessions. Each training takes place in the 12,000 square-foot training area where students experience hands-on product training, classroom instruction and a tour of the manufacturing facility.

Customer Focus

The Chef Series is a video series that are a result of Vollrath’s extremely close connection with its most important customers: the chefs that make food using the Vollrath products. Listening to their needs and wants is the most important thing that drives Vollrath’s product development.


At Vollrath, all facets of sustainability are fundamental considerations when setting long-term strategies as well as running the day-to-day business. Holistically taking into account how the company, its operations and actions impact the environment, the economy, the people, and the communities they work and live in plays a key role in all decisions that are made.

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