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Episode 1

Chef Rich shares stories and insights into his four-decade-long path through the food-service industry.

Episode 2

Chef Rich and Justin discuss the finer points of an American classic: chicken soup. Then, stick around for Chicago’s own Jereme McGovern who discusses his mission to feed fellow foodservice workers.

Episode 3

Chef Rich and Justin talk about NSF's role in food safety. Then, Chef Seth VanderLaan joins to discuss sanitation practices post-COVID-19.

Episode 4

Chef Rich and Justin talk about total cost of ownership and what that really means. Then, Chef Ashlea Tobeck joins to discuss buying right the first time.

Episode 5

Chef Rich and Justin talk about local sourcing of ingredients and how some industry terminology has changed. Then, Chef Mary Kastman joins to provide great insight into “localism”.

Episode 6

Chef Rich and Justin dive into the world of ghost kitchens with Joe Schumaker, President and CEO of Food Space, a foodservice consulting startup headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA

Episode 7

Chef Rich and Justin discuss the benefits of cooking with Induction over gas and offer up a simple and delicious pasta dish. Then AutoQuotes CEO, Jim Contardi joins the show and speaks about simplifying the sales process to sell more, faster.

Episode 8

What's your favorite pie? Chef Rich and Justin talk pie with Lisa Ludwinski, owner and operator of Sister Pie in Detroit, Michigan

Episode 9

Chef Joe Schumaker is back on the show to share his perspective on the future and fate of buffets in the United States.

Episode 10

Chef Rich and Justin reminisce about their school lunch experiences. Then, Shannon Solomon, director of nutrition services for Aurora Public Schools in Colorado, shows them not all superheroes wear capes.

Episode 11

Chef Seth VanderLaan is back to shed some light on what to expect moving forward with high-volume front of house cooking.

Episode 12

Chef Yia Vang, owner of Union Hmong Kitchen and Vinai in Minneapolis, breaks down Hmong food and culture with Chef Rich and Justin.

Episode 13

Dan Hinchley, Vice President of Manufacturer Partnerships at Partstown joins the show and shares his wisdom, humor and insights about the foodservice industry.

Episode 14

Chef Rich and Justin reminisce about their garden experiences. Then, Chef Caitlin, owner of the Tandem in Milwaukee, WI takes us on a brief tour of her experiences from teaching to cooking for those in need.

Episode 15

Chef Rich and Justin discuss the scientific principles of pizza crusts. Then, Chef Paul Short, program chair culinary arts at Madison Area Technical College, explains how an education at MATC can help you reach your culinary goals.

Episode 16

A wealth of experience and knowledge is to be found in this collection of end-of-the-episode quotes from all of our guests so far.

Episode 17

Craig Culver, co-founder of Culver's, dishes the background on butter burgers and frozen custard and provides insight on what has been critical to his company's success and continued growth.

Episode 18

Chef Brandon stops by and shares his personal journey that led him to establish the Edwins Leadership & Restaurant Institute that graduates nearly 100 students a year between its prison program and restaurant institute and boasts a 97% employment rate after graduation.

Episode 19

Is the secret ingredient love or beer. Maybe a little of both. Good City Brewing executive chef, Guy Davies shares what it's like to create inspired dishes to complement masterfully crafted beers in Brew City, USA.

Episode 20

Food nutrition director, Amy Lawrenz stops by to discuss how she actively manages nutritional programs for multiple school districts and interesting ways to improve those programs.

Episode 21

Guest chef Angus An shares stories about his diverse skill set and how he balances his prolific endeavors with his love of creating tasty dishes.

Episode 22

Chef Gale Gand stops by and shares a bit about her journey, from T.V. host to cooking for foreign dignitaries and more. She also offers pro tips and all-around insightful life advice.

Episode 23

Justin Green, the Vice President of Hospitality for the Milwaukee Bucks joins the show to discuss how he and his team create next-level dining experiences. 

Episode 24

Chef Rich and Justin sit down with Glenn Loughridge, director of dinning services at Auburn University, to discuss how he manages the appetites of a massive student population that is always hungry for something new and exciting.

Episode 25

Joe Carbonara, the editorial director for Foodservice Equipment & Supplies and Restaurant Development + Design, joins the show to talk all things foodservice with Chef Rich and Justin. 

Episode 26

Chef Suzanne Daly joins Chef Rich and Justin to discuss the educational side of baking and decorative arts in addition to providing some invaluable baking tips and insights.



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