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Vollrath Company History – Story of a Family and Brand

In 1874 Jacob J. Vollrath founded the Sheboygan Cast Steel Co. in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. At the time, it produced railroad frogs, small cast parts for the furniture industry, cooking ranges and agricultural implements. In 1900, the focus switched to cooking utensils and enamel cookware, which was the beginning of Vollrath’s journey to becoming an industry leader in commercial foodservice. 

Still privately held and family-owned, the company focuses on quality design, engineering and manufacturing across its business divisions for foodservice and custom and specialty products. 

Today, the Vollrath Company is a medium-sized global manufacturer with 10 factories spread through the United States, Europe and China with over 1,250 people employed globally. As a company with deep roots in the American Midwest, Vollrath is proud that more than 85% of its product line is manufactured and assembled in the United States.

The current owners are women of the sixth and seventh generation of the founding family that naturally continue to promote the values that have been guiding the company since its beginning. Being family-focused is at the core of the company’s culture that puts its associates front and center. Vollrath’s commitment to the collective good of its associates, partners, and customers, community and the environment is the secret to its success.