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About Vollrath Serving Systems & Components

A contributing member to your serving system project

Vollrath Serving Systems & Components is dedicated to producing top of the line, cost-effective products for your business that cater to your image as well as your individual, functional needs. Our in-house design and engineering staff work with you directly to ensure you get exactly what you need to help grow your business to its fullest extent. From our initial consultation, through our engineering and design process, all the way to delivery, set-up and beyond, we ensure that you are satisfied every step of the way.

We are part of the Vollrath family, based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. At Vollrath, we advance the art of hospitality with a full line of products and services that make you more efficient, more inspired, and ultimately more profitable. By elevating your offering and streamlining your operations, we increase your ability to compete and thrive

50 years of experience

Vollrath Serving Systems & Components has been delivering on stainless steel and foodservice industry fabrication and installation projects, from simple to complex, for over 50 years. Today, our experiences in commercial kitchen services, both front and back of house, and beyond have fined tuned our abilities and craftsmanship to understand projects and their inherent complexity.

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Dedicated to producing top of the line products since 1986, Vollrath designs and manufactures custom and standard carts, kiosks, inline systems, and merchandisers for food and beverage and retail merchandising.

Breath Guards

Our line of breath guards features the perfect combination of protection and visibility in a wide variety of sizes and styles.


Everywhere in America - at arenas, theme parks, stadiums, shopping malls and zoos - Vollrath carts, kiosks, inline systems, and merchandisers are key components for driving sales.