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2023 Vollrath New Products

Inspiring Great Taste

After nearly a century and a half of equipping the world’s best kitchens, our success is measured by that of the chefs we empower. See what’s new in our family of innovative, high-quality products, and find your next great inspiration.

Vollrath Fry Pan with new handle

Ensure a premium culinary experience for your guests by choosing the best tools in the business. Designed for demanding commercial kitchens, our fry pans combine superior durability and advanced technology to create cookware that’s easy to handle, heats evenly, and releases effortlessly.

FIFO Squeeze Dispensers

With first-in/first-out, freshness and safety are never in doubt. Discover all the new ways to go with the flow, keeping your kitchen running safely and efficiently while reducing waste.

Gas Griddle blockout

Discover how streamlined food prep can be with our powerful flat-top gas griddles. A simple, safe, and economical solution for busy kitchens, their quick, consistent surface heating and easy-clean features beautifully handle everything from breakfast to burgers with less mess.

Add sizzling versatility to your menu with gas charbroilers. Reversible plates put you in complete control, taking you from flame-grilled meats with less fat, to perfectly prepared fish and other delicate foods. And durability is never in doubt, with cast-iron radiants for consistent heat and metal knobs guaranteed for life.

Gas Hot Plate

With our new gas hot plates, you choose how many burners you need to transform your space into safe, high-efficiency cooking area. Designed for durability and low maintenance, the welded steel construction and individual burner grates serve up consistent heating and clean like a dream.

See what’s hot off the presses with our new line of sandwich grills. Beautifully designed and well-built, these new panini grills are perfect for toasting bread, cooking meats and veggies, and creating sandwich melts that elevate your menu.

2-well Fryer

Treat your guests to the hot, crispy foods they crave with our newly designed fryers. New components combine to deliver top quality, durability, and safety in a compact design that’s easy to handle and easy to clean.

Keeping foods hot, safe and appetizing is easier than ever with the new half-size long warmer. Designed for versatility, it accommodates several pan sizes and offers 10 temperature range settings — and you can use it virtually anywhere thanks to its 6-foot cord.

48-inch heated food merchandiser

When presentation is everything, turn to display cases that put hot foods front and center. They brilliantly combine eye-catching aesthetics with convenient self-serve access. And you choose the temperature, humidity and shelf placement that best highlight your culinary creations.

Heated deli display case

Create a warm, inviting experience for your guests with our new heated display cases. Sleek design elements, tasteful lighting, and precision heating combine beautifully to keep hot foods fresh and appealing.

Refrigerated Deli Display Case

Explore the coolest new offerings in display cases. The perfect blend of refrigerated reliability and sleek refined style, they transform your culinary creations into an artful experience with a fresh focus.

FlexVent Slide-In Cooking Unit Blockout

Front-of-house cooking creates an unmatched level of excitement and has the potential to define the guest experience. With the Vollrath® FlexVent™ versatile slide-in as the centerpiece of your serving area, you’re guaranteed to create a meal they won’t forget. If you’re looking to wow your guests and engage them in the cooking process, these made-to-order, versatile slide-in units are a beautiful, creatively designed solution. And, they feature top-of-the-line safety elements for a well-rounded, long-lasting, industry-leading performance that both you and your guests won’t be able to get enough of.

SerVue refrigerated slide-in unit with food

Create a streamlined and engaging serving experience with the SerVue™ family of touchless slide-in units. These units offer touchless self-service with predetermined portions, giving your customers a front-row seat to all the action in a way that is interactive, safe, and accurate.