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FlexVent™ Slide-in cooking units

FlexVent™ Serves Up an Experience That Satisfies

Front-of-house cooking stations create an unmatched level of excitement and have the potential to define the guest experience. With the Vollrath® FlexVent™ versatile slide-in as the centerpiece of your serving area, you’re guaranteed to create a meal they won’t forget. If you’re looking to wow your guests and engage them in the cooking process, these made-to-order, versatile slide-in units are a beautiful, creatively designed solution for your restaurant equipment. And, they feature top-of-the-line safety elements for a well-rounded, long-lasting, industry-leading performance that both you and your guests won’t be able to get enough of.

FlexVent hoodless ventalation cooking station

Discover how FlexVent can eliminate the need for a bulky exhaust system and provide hoodless ventilation for your operation.

These cooking stations can house a variety of induction or electric restaurant equipment, with built-in fire safety and adjustable shelf that serves a variety of height requirements.

Help take your serving systems and front-of-house cooking stations to the next level by watching this features and benefits video. It will walk you through everything this versatile slide-in unit has to offer.

front-of-house cooking station for induction

Thanks to the self-contained design, these versatile slide-in units fit seamlessly into your serving line and offer an incomparable level of flexibility so you can create what you want, when you want.

The adjustable shelf accommodates a variety of electrical and induction restaurant equipment, ergonomic needs and health code requirements, making presentation cooking a breeze.

clear view cooking presentation station

Gone are the days of bulky exhaust hoods that block your view and cramp your style. The fully self-contained downdraft recirculating vent effectively manages steam, smoke and more, so you’ll have a sleek, simplified front-of-house cooking area that allows you to move freely and provide a clear view of what matters most.

With a built-in fire suppression system and a shape that sits perfectly behind industry-wide breath guards, you can check “safety first” off your list. We’ve made top-notch safety features an integral part of our design, allowing you to focus on your guests, your food and your presentation, without the stress of safety being top of mind.

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