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Jacob's Pride

Jacob Vollrath wasn't big on compromise

For 130 years, Vollrath has set the standard for designing and manufacturing professional, world-class quality food service products. Dedicated to honoring our founder's legacy, our Jacob's Pride line captures Jacob Vollrath's devotion to excellence.

These professional kitchen tools follow perfectly in the Vollrath tradition of innovation and endurance. Every product is so tough that we stand behind the entire line with a lifetime warranty — it's a Jacob's Pride guarantee.

History of Jacob's Pride

To put it simply, Jacob Vollrath was a visionary. He had the drive and determination to build not only a business, but a legacy. His award-winning designs, exceptional construction and unbeatable durability transformed what was originally a one-man operation into a booming business that has grown for over a century. 

Jacob Vollrath founded the Sheboygan Cast Steel Company in 1874, which would one day become The Vollrath Company. He experienced quick success from the start, prompting the need for a new factory by 1881. In 1884, just ten years after starting the company, he incorporated the business under the name Jacob J. Vollrath Manufacturing Company, naming himself President and hiring his sons and son-in-law to serve as executives alongside him. From there, the company continued to expand its factory and product lines in a seemingly endless cycle of growth and expansion, winning multiple awards for their innovation and masterful construction along the way. 

The Legacy

Jacob Vollrath served his company as President until he died in 1898, when his children restructured the business and took over. They quickly demonstrated their ability to follow in their father's footsteps. After working with him, and learning from him, for years, they were more than ready. Not only were they able to continue producing high-quality, award-winning products that earned them consistent recognition in the industry, but they also added offices across the country, grew their team, and built a new, expansive manufacturing facility. In short, they carried their father's legacy into the 20th century and beyond.

The Products

When putting together a product line to honor our founder's skills, creativity, and dedication, we knew we needed products that were just as beautifully designed and artfully crafted as the ones he produced.

Our Jacob's Pride products embody everything he stood for: innovative design elements, top-notch construction and endurance that withstands the test of time. They guarantee a level of excellence you just can't get anywhere else.