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Capabilities Overview

As a brand that has been serving the foodservice industry for more than a century – with over 50 years specifically in serving systems – Vollrath is a destination to make your customized design ideas a reality. From front of house custom serving lines, chef’s counters and specialty architectural elements to back of house dish tables, prep tables, work counters and more. Our design and foodservice experts collaborate closely and openly with you through all phases of design.

Take 360° virtual tour of our Newport, MN, facility and learn more about Vollrath’s custom fabrication capabilities. We explore the Design and Engineering offices, where we discuss the collaboration process and all phases of design. Then, step into the manufacturing area, where we walk through every step of the fabrication process: Construction and Materials, Laser and Brake Press, Front-of-House, Millwork, Back-of-House, Breath Guards, and Delivery and Installation. Be sure to take advantage of our 360-degree camera angle by looking around and exploring as you take the tour.

Design and Engineering

From a simple hand sketch to a full 3D rendering, Vollrath can make your customized design ideas a reality. Our design and foodservice experts collaborate closely and openly with you through all phases of design. Even at the very beginning when the project comes together, we are available to be your sounding board for ideas and questions.


Construction and Materials

Vollrath can manufacture out of a variety of materials – from our specialty in stainless steel and other metals to acrylics and millwork – we can meet any specification.


Fiber Laser Cutting

Vollrath's 3K Fiber Optic Laser cutter offers incredible flexibility for sizes and shapes of stainless steel or other material, and cuts on average 500 inches per minute. And with three sizes of CNC controlled break presses, Vollrath has the flexibility to bend parts for any custom project.


Front of House Solutions

From simple fabrication to curves and high-end finishes, Vollrath's front of house custom fabrication capabilities are endless. For example, we offer custom serving counters, countertops, display cases, and bases in different materials, decorative metal work, specialty lighting, breath guards and custom refrigeration.



Vollrath employs master electricians on staff to complete any electrical requirements your project may need. All project requirements are completed are our facility and all fabricated components are shipped complete and ready for job site hook-up.


Beyond stainless steel, Vollrath works with a wide variety of materials and finishes from laminate and veneers to exotic hardwoods.


Back of House Solutions

From a simple wall shelf to a complex dish room table or even a custom metal bar top, Vollrath can fabricate and assemble anything a commercial kitchen may need.


Breath Guards

Vollrath offers a wide selection of standard breath guards and the ability to build custom one-of-a-kind breath guards. They can be installed on serving lines that we manufacture or sold separately as a component part. We offer a variety of functionalities, from static to adjustable, with different finishes to choose from, and they all come with optional accessories such as LED lights and heat strips.


Delivery and Installation

For equipment we fabricate, Vollrath offers the convenient added service of on-site installation and training to ensure the most efficient setup possible.


Our Story

Vollrath is a full-service NSF stainless steel fabricator for the foodservice industry. We have built an experienced and comprehensive team that will collectively meet your needs for both front and back of house projects.

Velocity Breath Guards

Our Velocity breath guards feature a simple push-button mechanism allowing one person to raise and lower a moveable tempered glass panel to full serve, self-serve, or cleaning positions.

Statement of Qualifications Brochure

At Vollrath, our dedicated team of designers, engineers and fabricators will work closely with you throughout the process to explore all your options and create a solution that’s unique to the customer. We have the staff, equipment and expertise to transform raw material to finished product utilizing the latest in metal and millwork tools and equipment. We can even assist with installation.

Connect with a Sales Representative

Interested in learning more how Vollrath can custom build your front-of-house or back-of-house serving system, connect with one of our sales representatives today. Simply send in your questions or requests today and a qualified sales representative will connect with you.