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Refrigerated Beverage Dispensers

Quench your Craving with Vollrath Refrigerated Beverage Dispensers

Taking the first bite of a top-selling menu item? Completely satisfying. Washing it down with boring water? Not so much. If only your customer had a flavorful tea, juice, or lemonade to accompany their outstanding meal.

Delicious food deserves to be paired with an equally exciting beverage, which is why you need a refrigerated beverage dispenser from Vollrath. Thanks to reliable temperature control and variety of circulation options, these cold beverage dispensers ensure unforgettable results that your guests won't be able to get enough of.

Crisp and cool, with flavors that pack a punch, your refrigerated beverages are sure to hit the spot. It's time to revive your refreshments, with a refrigerated beverage dispenser from Vollrath.

tea, juice, and lemonade drink dispensers

Learn more about all that our refrigerated beverage dispensers have to offer by watching the features and benefits video. We will show you the many ways these drink dispensers can elevate your beverage service with 20 configuration options that include a variety of bowl sizes and numbers.

types of refrigerated beverage dispenser circulators

With your choice of fountain spray, agitator, or stirring paddle circulation, you can select the cold beverage dispenser that best suits the drinks you want to serve.

Agitator and stirring paddle bowl circulation are suitable for most beverages and are recommended for beverages that can foam such as coffee, tea and natural fruit juices.

Fountain spray bowl circulation is suitable for many beverages, but is not recommended for beverages that can foam.

These circulations methods continually mix your product to ensure exceptional consistency and quality that your customers will love.

However, these units are not intended for use with beverages that include pieces of fruit or large pulp.

refrigerated beverage dispensers with spigot

Time is of the essence when you’re doling out drinks. That means you need consistency you can depend on.

Each refrigerated beverage drink dispensers is equipped with a gravity-fed spigot for quick dispensing without mechanical or electrical parts that could fail or require maintenance.

thermostatic temperature control on a refrigerated beverage dispenser

While consistent agitation ensures that your drinks will be properly mixed, maintaining the proper temperature in your commercial beverage dispenser is vital.

That’s why each bowl comes with its own thermostatic control that holds your drinks at the perfect serving temperature.

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