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Vollrath Beverage Dispensers

Quench your cravings with something cool

Sips of tangy lemonade on a scorching summer day. A fresh, frosty slush that satisfies any sweet tooth. Unforgettable beverages like these are sure to bring a smile to your customer's face.

Vollrath's refrigerated and frozen beverage dispensers are the perfect way to add fun, flavorful drinks to your menu. And, these reliable dispensers offer smooth, simple operation, so it's easy to keep the delicious drinks flowing.

Deliver maximum refreshment with minimal effort. Craving, quenched.


Want to offer high-quality refrigerated beverages with incomparable flavor? If so, you have to prepare and serve them correctly, which is why you need a refrigerated beverage dispenser.

With impressive temperature control and a variety of circulation options, these dispensers are the best way to get perfectly-prepared cold drinks into your customers' hands.

Fresher. Sweeter. Smoother. Better. Vollrath's frozen beverage dispensers always get it right.

Designed to consistently produce top-tier results, these dispensers ensure that outstanding slushies, smoothies, frozen coffees, cocktails and more are always within reach.