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Capabilities Overview

Albers Commercial Kitchen Services, now part of Vollrath Serving Systems has the staff, Equipment and expertise to transform raw material to a finished product. This includes the latest in metal and mill work fabrication equipment to complete projects in-house.

Our robust team can assist with: design, stainless steel fabrication, millwork, fiber laser cutting, electrical, refrigeration, commercial kitchen installation, and custom fabrication.

Fabrication, especially for the food services industry and commercial kitchens, is the art of creating something impressive, completely different from the raw materials that went into it.

Our millwork craftsmen combine seasoned experience with individualized customer service to provide you with the same superior products and services that you have come to expect. Beyond stainless steel we work with a wide variety of materials and finishes from laminate and veneers to exotic hardwoods. From concept through completion Albers, now part of Vollrath Serving systems, is here to build an exceptional product and a successful partnership with our clients.

The cutting process begins when laser light and nitrogen assist gas are focused on the material. With the help of proven CNC tables all axes are controlled precisely and parts are processed without the need for manual intervention. The cutting process is done with higher quality compared to other options. A "clean cut" surface quality is obtained. Reflective materials like aluminum, copper and brass can be cut with ease and excellent surface quality is obtained and maintained on mild steel up to 20 millimeters or .79 inches thick.

Albers, now part of Vollrath Serving Systems, employs master electricians on staff to complete any electrical requirements your project may need. All project requirements are completed are our facility and all fabricated components are shipped complete and ready for job site hook-up.

Bottle Refrigeration

Our new line of custom built refrigerated wine cabinets allows us to fill a void that has been in the wine storage industry for years. Our wine cabinets are designed to maximize wine storage bottle capacity. These custom built wine cabinets feature truly unique and attractive features to prominently place in internal and external settings. We also ensure these refrigerated wine cabinets are properly insulated. We are certified NSF and NSF7.

NSF7 standard establishes a minimum for food protection and sanitation requirements for the materials, design, manufacture, construction and performance of commercial refrigerators and freezers and their related components.

Always as an option and service to our clients, Albers, now part of Vollrath Serving Systems, offers full service commercial kitchen installation. There are stainless steel fabricators and there are install companies. However, there are very few that have the experience to perform both as part of your foodservice project. We have dedicated crews that have traveled internationally to install our products from Kuwait, The Bahamas, Canada, and throughout the United States.

If it's made from stainless steel, copper, brass, zinc, galvanized aluminum, mild steel 3 form, acrylic, stone, solid surface, wood, laminates or even veneers Our team can design it, build it and install it.

Our Story

Vollrath is a full-service NSF stainless steel fabricator for the foodservice industry. We have built an experienced and comprehensive team that will collectively meet your needs for both front and back of house projects.

Velocity Breath Guards

Our Velocity breath guards feature a simple push-button mechanism allowing one person to raise and lower a moveable tempered glass panel to full serve, self-serve, or cleaning positions.

Statement of Qualifications Brochure

At Vollrath, our dedicated team of designers, engineers and fabricators will work closely with you throughout the process to explore all your options and create a solution that’s unique to the customer. We have the staff, equipment and expertise to transform raw material to finished product utilizing the latest in metal and millwork tools and equipment. We can even assist with installation.

Connect with a Sales Representative

Interested in learning more how ACS FAB formally known as Albers can custom build your front-of-house or back-of-house serving system, connect with one of our sales representatives today. Simply send in your questions or requests today and a qualified sales representative will connect with you.