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Low-profile heat strips

Vollrath® low-profile heat strips: the best of everything

Small, yet strong. Sleek, yet powerful. Vollrath low-profile heat strips truly offer you the best of best of everything when it comes to hot food holding.

With even heat coverage, superior heat penetration, and a variety of finish options, these heat strips have what you need to maintain the temperature of your hot food and look stylish doing it.

Take a firsthand look at the numerous features and benefits of our low-profile heat strips. This video will show you how these units can make an immediate impact in your foodservice operation.

The slim design of these low-profile heat strips is 65 percent smaller than the original Vollrath heat strip and up to 35 percent smaller than the leading competitors.

Smaller units means less space for your heat strip and more room for showcasing your beautiful food.

Though they may be small, these units pack a punch. The powerful heating unit within these low-profile heat strips offers up to 14 percent more heat penetration than the leading competitive unit when heating a 12- x 20-inch pan.

The reflector ensures that this heat is distributed evenly and consistently, helping to better maintain food quality.

With finishes offered in seven colors, you’ll find a model that jives with you aesthetic. Choose from black, brass, chrome, copper vein, natural, silver vein, or white.