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5-Series Delivery Bags

Be a delivery professional

You’re already a foodservice pro. Take the final step to being a full-blown delivery expert. Our 5-Series delivery bags have everything you need to take your delivery or catering program to the highest level. With power packs, a standard heat pad, and expanded organizational options, these bags are sure to make you the cream of the crop.

Many of our 5-Series models come with a heat pack that offers you the ultimate in food delivery technology. The battery-powered pack allows you to set a preferred temperature for your bag. The pack then provides the heat pad with the energy it needs to hold that temperature for hours.

Every bag in this line comes standard with a heat pad. This pad provides your bag with an extra boost of heat for excellent temperature retention, whether your food is on its delivery route or holding at a catering event while waiting for guests to arrive.

Select 5-Series delivery bags come with pan dividers and compartment organizers to keep everything in its proper place during transport.