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Custom carts and kiosks to fit your serving needs

Everywhere in America - at arenas, theme parks, stadiums, shopping malls and zoos - Vollrath carts, kiosks, inline systems, and merchandisers are key components for driving sales. Vollrath products reflect the brand image of your goods and services, while delivering performance and functionality for indoor or outdoor use. Click on the industries below to see how Vollrath Serving Systems and Components can help fill your serving needs.

Stadium Merchandising System

Fans don’t go to sporting events just for the game anymore. The food and drink they bring to their seats is just as important to their overall experience. Whether you’re providing a sophisticated, premium experience on the Club Level, or handling high-volume service on the Concourse, make sure Vollrath’s best-in-class (and built to UL’s NSF/ANSI standards) concession stand equipment is a part of your team.

Dining has become an important part of the college experience. Your students have more discerning tastes than ever and are idealistic about where that food comes from and how it’s prepared. Leverage Vollrath's knowledge to save money and show your students that the environment is important to you too. Our equipment lines deliver a variety of affordable ways to merchandise and serve food that can easily be incorporated into your existing dining areas. We can also help you design and manufacture custom equipment to make your dining areas unique. Coupled with Vollrath's induction technology and portion control devices, you make your dining room a more efficient and effective area.

Whether they’re looking for a cute souvenir, a quick midnight snack, or a piping hot meal during a long layover, it can be hard to keep up with the needs of busy travelers. Luckily, Vollrath makes it easy to be ready at any hour. Designed to improve efficiency and create a memorable customer experience, Vollrath products help you offer world-class service with ease.

Developing a strong company culture is about more than just the work; it’s also about the relationships. We might be wrong, but we think building relationships is substantially easier when delicious food, steaming coffee, or sweet treats are involved. Thanks to Vollrath’s versatile serving lines, carts, and more, you’ll be able to provide healthy, delicious meals, quick snacks, and energizing coffee for all of your employees, while also creating a warm, welcoming environment that your team will love.

From casual coffee to fine dining, the food and beverage selection at any event is a cornerstone of the overall experience. If you want to offer a variety of delicious choices that meet your customers’ incredibly high standards, Vollrath is ready to help. By creating beautifully designed custom serving solutions, we can perfectly match your brand, provide exceptional performance, and promise an unforgettable experience.

When your customers spend all day making memories, you need to offer an equally exciting dining experience if you want to stand out from the crowd. In the recreation and entertainment industry, your brand and design is just as important as the quality of the food, drinks, or treats you provide. When considering how to best serve your customers and keep up with the competition, you can let your imagination run wild; Vollrath will have no problem keeping up.

Simultaneously meeting your patients’ unique nutritional needs and their family and friends’ preferences can be an incredibly difficult task if you don’t have the right setup. Your menu offerings need to be healthy and nutritious, but you also want them to be enjoyed as much as possible. With high-quality products and custom solutions from Vollrath, you’ll be able to serve healthy, flavorful food items with ease, giving both your patients and their family members something that satisfies.

We know how important it is for you to impress your guests, no matter who they are or where they’re from. To some, that would be a challenge, but luckily Vollrath makes it easy to serve anyone in style. Customize your welcome area, buffet line, or serving station to match your brand, streamline your operation, and deliver outstanding service that no one will be able to forget.


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At Vollrath, we are dedicated to producing top of the line, cost-effective products for your business that cater to your image as well as your individual, functional needs.


Dedicated to producing top of the line products since 1986, Vollrath designs and manufactures custom and standard carts, kiosks, inline systems, and merchandisers for food and beverage and retail merchandising.

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Our line of breath guards features the perfect combination of protection and visibility in a wide variety of sizes and styles.