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A Look at Institutional Foodservice

Jim Petersen, president of C.i.i Food Service Design, is an industry lifer. He has seen and learned a lot over his four-plus decades in the foodservice world. He shares his wisdom with Chef Rich and Justin in an episode that covers everything from specifying equipment, lessons learned, and a deep dive into the world of foodservice in correctional facilities.


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Episode Notes

0:56 – New on The Feed!

2:00 – Designing Foodservice for Institutions

8:14 – Jim Petersen Joins the Show

11:54 – Jim’s start in Consulting

13:36 – Difference between Dealer and Consultant

17:13 – Specifying Equipment

18:45 – Lessons Learned

22:28 – Vetting New Technologies

26:10 – Designing Correctional Facilities

41:42 – Correctional Facilities: Service

44:11 – Correctional Facilities: Warewashing

47:22 – Correctional Facilities: Equipment

52:30 – Budgeting/Planning for a Project

1:06:10 – Jim’s Inspirational Quote

1:07:28 – Find more information online: Cii Food Service Design