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Heated Curved Countertop Display Cases

Display cases & cabinets

Heated Curved Countertop Display Cases

The Vollrath® heated curved countertop display cases are an exceptional addition to your display area. Designed to improve product visibility while keeping hot food items deliciously warm, these display cases feature unique design elements like internal lighting and sliding doors that help to elevate the user experience. With accurate heating, a curved design and room to accommodate a wide range of hot food products, this modern display case will look elegant on any of your countertops.

  • Easily accommodates a wide variety of hot food products
  • Durable, thick glass provides excellent insulation and visibility
  • Digitally controlled thermostat creates accurate heating
  • Internal LED lighting strips for optimum food display throughout the cabinet
  • Dual fans circulate air for even heat distribution

The Vollrath Heated Curved Countertop Display Cases Family