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Frozen Beverage Granita Machines

Frozen Beverage Dispensers

Frozen Beverage Granita Machines

The Vollrath frozen beverage granita machines ensure that your favorite frozen drink offerings are always available and easily accessible. Designed for a variety of frozen drinks, including slushies, granitas, iced coffee, smoothies and more, these versatile machines maintain perfect serving temperatures, are exceptionally easy to use and feature a simple, thoughtful design that promises smooth operation and quick cleaning.

  • Designed for slush and milk-based drinks, including granitas, smoothies, slushies, frozen coffee, cocktails and more
  • Magnetic drive system is reliable and durable
  • Easy-to-use controls with simple switch operation
  • Gasketless spigot offers quick cleaning and maintenance
  • Large freezing surface and properly-sized compressor reduces freeze down times and improves efficiency

The Vollrath Frozen Beverage Granita Machines Family