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Medium-Duty 10" Electric Slicer


Medium-Duty 10" Electric Slicer

The Vollrath® medium-duty deli electric slicers are compact, easy to transport, and impressively powerful.  The strong blade makes clean, consistent slices, and the slice adjustment knob easily changes slice thickness, allowing you to create deliciously thick or delicately thin slices of tender meat. The space-saving design and durable construction make this an excellent choice for any catering event or other medium-volume operation.

  • Designed to efficiently slice a variety of meat products
  • Easy-to-carry handle for catering needs or other transportation
  • UL sanitation, certified to the NSF/ANSI 8
  • 6-foot 4-inch cord with plug
  • 25-degree gravity feed ensures easy operation, preventing operator fatigue

The Vollrath Medium-Duty 10" Electric Slicer Family