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Cayenne® Convection Ovens

Specialty Ovens

Cayenne® Convection Ovens

Add a variety of delicious baked goods to your menu with the Vollrath® Cayenne convection ovens. The custom baffle fan and specially designed diffuser plate ensure consistent results every time. Whether you want to create beautifully baked bread, fluffy pastries, soft cakes, tender meats or something else, this convection oven will not disappoint.

  • Perfect for baking bread, pastries and cakes or cooking meats and vegetables
  • Durable stainless steel exterior is built to last
  • Custom baffle fan and diffuser plate ensure an even bake
  • 120-minute bake timer turns off oven after set time
  • Based on independent UL testing, this product complies with NFPA96 for ventless operation using the EPA202 test method. Ventless allowance is dependent upon AHJ approval.

The Vollrath Cayenne® Convection Ovens Family