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The Vollrath Feed: Episode 9

Are Buffets Dead?!

Chef Joe Schumaker is back on the show to share his perspective on the future and fate of buffets in the United States.

He also provides an extra helpings-worth of tips, tricks, and insights into how to prepare for buffets and self-service areas.


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Episode Notes

1:58 – Buffets, are you a fan?

4:52 – Buffet equipment you might not think about

6:57 – Campus buffet transformations

9:42 – Why do we like buffets?

10:47 – Good luck making this at home

14:33 – Chef Joe joins the show

15:45 – Is buffet a bad word?

17:13 – The conversion of buffets

20:09 – Will we go back?

24:50 – What can we do temporarily?

29:58 – Will we tolerate inconvenience?

32:17 – Foodservice Justice League

33:53 – Chef Joe’s best/worst buffet experience

38:47 – Chef Joe’s tips for self-service areas

41:12 – “Gas-aurant”

45:15 – Be the expert