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Converting Self-Service

Transition From Self Service

Clean, attractive displays that keep food fresh and maintain customer safety is the key to success in convenience stores. From convenient service carts to durable pans to maintaining ideal food temperatures, we offer all the equipment you need to convert your self-service operations to employee-serve stations.

Vollrath Product Solutions

EPP Carriers

Our revolutionary EPP carriers feature a lightweight, yet sturdy design that keeps pans secure and maintains food temperature for more than four hours. Aesthetically pleasing, these functional boxes offer versatile solutions for every operation.

Super Pans

For holding, transporting and serving food, our Super Pan steam table pans bring a professional look, durable performance and easy-to-clean functionality to your store. A wide selection of shapes and sizes allows you to create a customized presentation. These strong, energy-efficient pans make a smart investment.

Heated Shelves

Ideal for hot grab-n-go applications these heated shelves come in two different material types and two different styles making them ideal for existing Vollrath buffet units.

Low-Profile Heat Strips

Consistent, appealing food quality keeps customers coming back. Not only do these powerful heat strips maintain ideal temperatures, the clean, slim design makes them the perfect addition to breath guards in your store’s hot food areas.


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