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Safe, Clean Operation

Keep Your Business Safe

Today, maintaining safe protocols is more important than ever. We offer a range of practical options that will keep your customers and your employees safe without disrupting the flow of your business.

Vollrath Product Solutions

LidSaver™ 3 Dispensers

Our convenient LidSaver™ 3 dispensers eliminate the potential germ-spreading and messy routine of fumbling through drink lids. They provide quick, easy access to a single lid at a time to maintain a hygienic setup and keep your drink station clean and organized.

Safety Guards and Breath Guards

Strengthen your defenses with our safety guards and breath guards. Designed to provide protection, visibility and peace of mind, these guards allow you to install a sleek barrier without creating a sense of separation.

Hand Washing Stations

Keep your staff and your customers conveniently safe with our state-of-the art hand washing stations. Thanks to the durable construction, sleek design and efficient maneuverability, these stations can go wherever they’re needed.

Hands-Free Door Pulls

The best way to deal with germ traps is to eliminate them, which is why we created our hands-free door pulls. Designed to reduce the transmission of germs, these easy-to-use door pulls are perfect for entry doors or doors with handles.

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